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Τετάρτη, 1 Ιουλίου 2015

I'm a satyr.

I run where you watch your step.
My cries echo at the deepest forests,
where you keep silent so I won't find you.
I feel joy where you feel fear.

Chaos is my dearest friend,
cause it causes the sweetest protests.
I'm addicted to tasting something new,
while I change year by year.

The darkest caves bear my existence,
those wombs of Earth keep me clean
from your shallow thoughts and
distorted criteria of acceptance.

I drink my mother's pure milk,
before it reaches down to the sea.
Up in mountains I chill for leisure,
cause in your stale lives I'd rot.

Your daughters tremble by my side.
Your sons do the same too.
The first ones due to pleasure,
the others fear what they should not.

When you'll see me I'll be just like you.
My horns are spiritual, my long ears too.
Long days and longer nights await you,
If you'll ever wish to see my true nature
and the plans that I'm up to.

But never let that slip your mind.
I'm a satyr and you're in my lair.
I will hunt you but I may leave you then.
My Love is something you just don't get.

I'll show you how to hunt essence
as soon as you realize you're a victim.
My flute's melody will charm you,
when you'll have enough with their noise.

I'm a satyr.
I run where you watch your step.

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