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Κυριακή, 2 Αυγούστου 2015

Our silver queen, the light thief.

Our silver queen, the light thief, stands tall.
She creates seeds of earthly life by just being
during most nights in her dark blue hall.
Galaxies and suns vanish when she comes in.

She orbits my green and cyan stone once a day,
like every loving mother spreads her arms
around her unborn child's embryonic state,
to feel the pulsating life and then she calms.

Her look has never changed and never will,
these fields of timelessness remind all that is dead,
whether it's a lost love, archaic ancestors, a thrill.
She cleans me of waste when she rises up and red.

Tonight, she is bright and full, hearts aflame.
She created a pathway on the seawater, I get in.
The purest feminine expression on my bed.
Tonight, my instinctual love belongs to Selene.

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