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Κυριακή, 26 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

The void inside.

You feel it don't you? You do all you do in a day and then, when you're done, there it is again. It never goes away. But you try to fill it with something, always trying. 

Most people get terrified whenever they feel its presence. They will do anything to not experience it. Some other people think we should accept it as it is. And receive its darkness as a gift. I disagree with both approaches. 

I believe that the void within the human existence is the greatest gift we could ever receive as a species. Let's see why.

If you observe how Nature works you can only reach to one conclusion. It seems that Life itself is intelligent, constantly trying to increase the possibilities of survival of anything alive. It is some kind of intelligence, or program, that evolves according to only one factor: survivability. For example, plants provide our planet with the oxygen animals need, while animals struggle for evolution, and domination, eventually decomposing only to offer the plants all the nutrients they need. 

And then there are humans. What do they have to do with all that? Where exactly do we belong in this circle? What's our purpose as a species? 

Based on the aforementioned observation, we have to check on our specialty, which is nothing but our Intelligence.  

The question we have to make is: "How Intelligence increases survivability?" 

There is only one answer to this. Intelligence is the only way for Life to survive a blow so big that will destroy the very planet it was born on. As a result, our collective purpose is to carry Life, us, away from Earth when this is needed. How does that relate to individuals? To you and me? 

That's when this "void" comes into play. During the roughest, apocalyptic, times instinct is useless. It won't help when an asteroid enters the atmosphere, or when a super-volcano erupts, or when our Sun inevitably turns into a red giant eventually swallowing Earth. Life needs an aware species to manage consciously its survivability at such times. No program can take care of that. 

The void is how we experience this collective responsibility. Just like hunger and thirst, this void is there to be filled. Its purpose is to be filled with a meaning, accompanied by a way of life, that will protect and grow our species, to the point we will be able to survive "on our own". 

We keep evolving today, we keep growing. How we keep growing? Thanks to people who have filled their personal void with a great purpose and equivalent actions. People who couldn't care less about cultural norms, people who are as happy, excited and curious as children are. The more we learn about ourselves, or better, the more we dig up ourselves from normality and mental sterilization, the more we think about something obsessively. This "something" has certain features. It makes us blissful, it keeps us healthy and also does the same for the people who are affected. That's exactly what we have to fill our void with. That's the "meaning of life", special for every individual. When this happens, and especially when people unite under their common, similar or collaborating purposes, evolution is achieved. 

So, the void inside is a gift. Give it the shape and color you wish and let the world know. If you fill it with addictions, consumerism and shallow habits or people, keep digging up until you're not a slave.

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